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Diocletian Palace

Diocletian Palace, sure is, one of the most breathtaking monuments in Split and Croatia in general. It is one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the world, listed on UNESCO world heritage list. The term „palace“ may be a little bit misleading because of the monument’s massivness. A large fortress would be a better description. It was intentionally built to serve as Diocletian’s summer residence – villa, while the other half was for the intended for Imperial guard – the military, servants, storage etc. A fact that it takes up half of the old town in Split says a lot about its size. Diocletian built the massive palace in preparation for his retirement at the turn of the fourth century AD, he stayed in it after retiring from the throne (305 AD) to the death (316 AD). The Palace is a rectangular building (approximately 215 x 180 meters) with four large towers at the corners, doors on each of the four sides and four small towers on the walls. After the Romans abandoned the site, the Palace remained empty for several centuries. In the 7th century, nearby residents fled to the walled palace in an effort to escape invading Croats. Since then the palace has been occupied, with residents making their homes and businesses within the palace basement and directly in its walls. Today many restaurants and shops, and some homes, can still be found within the walls.

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