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Kalelarga or also known as a „Wide Street“  is the biggest, most famous and main street of city Zadar. Every roman town had two main streets, Via Decumanus and Via Cardio. Kalelarga is the Decumanus, spreading from west to east from People´s Square to the city’s famous Forum. Iti s believed that this street existed even before the city. The strict roman urbanization simply proved its natural placement, and future urban time periods did not change anything in that respect. In the Second World War almost all the buildings in the street were destroyed or severely damaged in the bombing, as such it was renovated in the Modern style, retaining only its main direction. A walk by Kalelarga is the best to start from Petar Zoranić’s square, along with the remains of Roman city gates and column – the Roman column was transferred to today’s place in the 18th century from the Forum. Close to the church of St. Simeon and Rector’s palace, along which stretches Elizabeta Kotromanić Street – which was already in the 15th century home for Croatian „Alka“ (competition on horses). It leads to the National Square, where a new center of town administration was established in the Middle Ages with today’s City Lodge (13th-1565th), City Guard (1562) and City Council Hall (1934).

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