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Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes became national park in 1949, becoming the first national park in Croatia. Today for sure most popular and the biggest national park, attracts more than 1 million annual visitors. It is situated in the mountainous region of Croatia, between the Mala Kapela mountain range in the west and northwest, and the Lička Plješevica mountain range to the southeast.

The process of tufa formation, which results in the building of the tufa, or travertine, barriers and resulted in the creation of the lakes, is the outstanding universal value, for which the Plitvice Lakes were internationally recognised on 26 October 1979 with their inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. The lake system is comprised of 16 named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading one into the next. The lake system is divided into Lower and Uper lakes.

It is opened for tourists the whole year and it offers seven different routes to tour the lake system, and four hiking trails. Although visitors must know the rules of the park, it is strictly prohibited to collect the plants, to feed animals, to swimm, throwing trash except in the garbage bins and straying off the marked trails. We reccommed you to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear and check the weather before arriving so you can bring adequate rain and sun protection. No matter at what season you visit Plitvice Lakes, because they are beautiful during the winter as well as in the summer

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