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Rector’s palace – Dubrovnik

The Rector’s Palace is situated in old town of Dubrovnik. It was the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa between the 14th and 18th century. It also served as a seat for state administration and Minor Council. Later for many uses such as an armoury, the powder magazine, the watch house and a prison. It was built in the Gothic style, but it also has Renaissance and Baroque elements, harmoniously combining these styles. The combination of three styles is the result of many renewals the palace had to go through. Firstly, it was rebuilt in 1435 after being destroyed in fire and it became a gothic building. Later, a gunpowder explosion badly damaged the building in 1463. The renewal resulted in church getting a Renaissance styled details. The building suffered damages from the earthquake of 1520 and again in 1667 and the reconstruction was in Baroque style this time.

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