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Stradun is the main street in the old city center of Dubrovnik. Stradun is also called „Placa“ by Dubrovnik’s residents . This popular street  connects the west (Pila Gate) and the east entrance (Ploče Gate) to the  town. This street was built at the end of the 9th century. The earthquake that has occurred in 1667 destroyed Stradun. Thanks to the refurbishment, Stradun has got its beautiful look and today many people admire its beauty . The buildings on Stradun, before the earthquake did not look like today, many had arcades like the Sponza palace, and some were more ornate.

In the place where this street is located, in the past there was a swamp separating Ragusa from Dubrava. At the beginning and the end of Stradun there are two fountains (Great and Small Onofri’s Fountain) and two bell towers (City bell tower and bell tower of the Franciscan church and monastery).

 This street is paved with blocks, lined with glossy wooden parquet and that is the reason why it is also called „Salon=lliving room“.

Stradun ends at Luža Square, in front of the City Belfry, thus encompassing a number of important monuments within the old city center, and is thus a popular promenade of the local population as well as foreign tourists.

Today, Stradun is used  for the solemn procession during the celebration of St. Vlah’s Day, on Feb. 3rd.

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